meeting sadie

ohmygoodness!!! so i got to meet Sadie on saturday! it was so amazing to be able to meet a online friend. she was so sweet and so fun!! i first heard of her from blogger, then really got to know her through texting, instagram and snapchat. so when i heard that i was gonna meet her, well i nearly did a backflip! 

Sadie, her mom and sister drove in on Saturday morning, and we were going to meet them at the mall. they texted and said they were in JCPenny. so we went in and Chasity spotted them standing by some clothes. so me and chasity's ninja mode instantly kicked in. we walked super low around the clothes rack, chasity was a little bit ahead of me and went up behind Sadie to give her a hug, only to her shock it wasn't Sadie! so we quickly walked away. i don't think the people even saw us, so that was good. haha. so we texted them again and asked where they were. they said they were in the restroom at The Mustard Seed. so we walked over there and into the bathroom where we found them! we gave hugs and I expressed how much taller Sadie was than i  thought she was going to be. for some reason i thought was was super short! we went to lunch at Noodles Express. and it was amazing! Sadie has had braces and her permanent retainer is broken so if she ate meat it was just fall out, so she had to eat mac n' cheese. although it look really good, i couldn't help feeling bad for her... poor Sadie cheeto. yes i did just call her a fluffy cheesy snack. XD we shopped a quite awhile, we were at the mall from 11:30am - 3:30ish/4 o'clock. it was some intense shopping!!
we ate ice cream and tried on a bunch of different weird crazy stuff at Claire's.
all in all it was a awesome day!! and here are some pictures from the amazing day!

i love this picture of these crazy girls!



Umm, hello.

Hahaha so, it's be a little while. Like 4 months. Can I have a award for worst blogger ever?? I think yes! But anywho, here are a few little updates for all you little people, (ok I realize not all of you may be little or short, but whatever 😜) so you know that post I did a while back about being physically active? Well not to long after that, yes I gave up. Ugh! Why must I be so lazy!? But I thought I would do a typical American "New Years Resolution" to be healthy in 2014. And so far (3 weeks in) it's going pretty good!! For me I have had issues accepting my weight, but then never doing anything to change it. They say that every girl is beautiful inside and out. But I know from personal experience, that you don't always feel pretty. And in this day and age, they always portray beautiful women to be perfectly skinny. But that's not what beauty is. If you look up beautiful in the dictionary I can tell you the definition won't be skinny, flawless or perfect. Now I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with being skinny, but don't obsess over it! God made you perfect! And I know you hear that all the time, but it really is true. Anyway, (I am sooo side tracking!) your supposed to love your body but that doesn't mean you can't work to make it better than it is! And that's what I've been trying to do.  I've been wanting to loose  weight for some time now, so I set a goal, a BIG goal. I set a goal to loose 55lbs by the end of this year. But I'm going to reach that big goal by setting little ones. Like loose 6lbs in 2 1/2 weeks. I'm not gonna be crazy and try and loose all the weight at once. But I'm tired of not being able to do things as well I as could because I'm a little overweight. And please don't tell me I'm not. I may not look it but I am. Lol and I'm not trying to be all sad sounding or anything. Because trust me I'm not. I am actually really happy!! 😀 I just decided its time for me to start living, and doing that to best of my ability. And this doesn't  just apply to weight loss. It can apply to anything! Be it bettering yourself at school, or cooking, or anything!! But always have a attainable goal in mind in order to better yourself. Because it is time to start living!! 

-Kaylee 💋

QWOTP: (questions of the post) What are your goals, what do you aspire to do?


Liebster Award

Acknowledge the blog that nominated you.
Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created.
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I was nominated by the lovely Molly

1. If you dyed your hair, what color would you choose?
i would probably dip dye it a pretty pink.

2. If you could domesticate any wild animal to keep as a pet, which one would you choose and why?
i would choose a unicorn, but i'm not sure if they are considered wild.....

3. Books or movies? Favorite book/movie?
books!!!! DIVERGENT!!! ♥

4. Do you know what an octomoose is? 
i have no idea but it sounds like a octopus moose mix.... that could be crazy.

5. Favorite quote?
Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it - Bill Cosby

6. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Mac n' Cheese XD

7. Are you a girly girl or a tomboy?
i'm a little bit of both.

8. Biggest ship? 
does FourTris count?

9. Ideal way to spend the evening?
reading books, or playing games with my friends.

10. TOMS or Keds/Vans?
TOMS, even though i don't own a pair i have some that look just like them. :)

11. Have any siblings? 
nope. lol yes i have 7

my questions:
1 - books or movies. favorite movie/book?
2 - who is your role model?
3 - favorite blogger
4 - favorite TV show
5 - if you had a million bucks, what would you do?
6 - you can go anywhere in the world. where do you go?
7 - favorite color?
8 - if you could change your name, what would you change it to?
9 - what celebrity would you most like to meet?
10 - what do you do in your spare time?
11 - diamonds or pearls?

i tag:
Kathrine - A Life Worth Living
Lauren - f e a r l e s s
Lauricia - Give it Some Style
and anyone else who wants to do it.



i'm still here

hey guys!
i know its been a while since i've blogged, a long while.
but hopefully i'' be putting up more post since summers over and i'm not quite so busy.
if there is anything that you guys would like me to talk about just let me know in the comments!!
anyway talk to you guys later!!


From a Different Angle // Caitlin Baughman

Name: Caitlin Baughman
Age: 20

1. Do you plan on dating or courting? 
Courting! Definitely courting!

2. When would you like your first kiss to be? 
At the alter, the day that my dad gives me away for the very first time! :)

3. Have you ever been on a missions trip? or to any foreign country? 
Never. Sounds fun though!

4. Vanilla or chocolate? 
Chocolate!!!! It has to be milk chocolate though! ;)

5. Books or movies? what is your favorite book or movie? 
hmm... book- Calm my anxious heart. Movie- Courageous! :)

6. When did you start blogging? 
2 years ago this summer.

7. Do you have a role model? 
My parents! They've taught me so much through scripture and through their experiences! I'm grateful to them!

8. Are you more social or shy?
 Depends on the size of the group... if it's more than 3... more shy! ;)

9. Favorite Bible verse? Why?
 James 1:2-4 ... because those verses helped me out through my darkest times in life!

10. What is your favorite book of the Bible to read?
 Ruth or Matthew

11. If you could choose how many siblings w
ould you have?

12. If you could re-name yourself, what would your name be?
 Jenny or Faith.

13. Do you still plan on having a blog when you are older/married?
 I plan to, but we'll see what God has in store for me! 

14. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? 
um... Rapunzel? Don't watch to many.

15. Cold or Hot drinks? 
Usually cold! 

16. Indoor or Outdoor? 
If it's hot outside, I like to be out. However, I hate the cold, so, I'd rather stay inside by the nice warm fire when it's cold.

17. Are you planning on going to College?
 if so what for? 
No. I'm a stay-at-home daughter who teaches Piano, and helps my family out in whatever ways possible! ... trust me, there's a lot!!! ;)

18. Who is your favorite historical figure?
 Does Jesus count? ;) Besides the Bible characters.. probably St. Patrick or Stonewall Jackson.

19. What is your favorite time period/era?
 America Civil War Era... I love how the underground railroad took place!

20. Describe what your blog is about in a few words.
 A blog set to encourage people through my mistakes/trials/ and life.

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